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Graphics & pRINTING

The Door Hanger Company uses a combination of GPS and human verification methods to monitor workers and ensure accurate door hanger distribution.

How does front door marketing work? What sort of return on my investment can I expect? Is this the right solution for me?

We print millions of door hangers every year and have unbeatable pricing as well as an innovative windproof design that improves response.


“Jeff not only delivered the work we needed on time (given a very tight schedule), he helped us put together a phenomenal campaign that drove customers to our event. I treasure vendors like The Door Hanger Company, and they carry my highest recommendation.”

Chris Deeds

James Hardie

"Jeff is quite simply a top drawer marketing professional. His enthusiasm is infectious, he creates a great working environment for all around him and he never gives up."

David Ariss

Ariss Marketing Group

"Jeff and the guys got our project done quickly and accurately. Their thorough attention to detail and seamless communication were key to helping us achieve our goal. Thanks Jeff!”

Brian Chrinka

Owner, Multiple Businesses

The Door Hanger Company delivered everything they promised. Our customer satisfaction levels are at an all-time high!”

Duane Sauer



Design. Print. Distribute.